The Global Ecological
Construction Brand


We provide our customers with the peace of mind that their properties will embody the highest standards of security, safety, and environmental respect, making every Alpha Unicorn project a testament to innovative, ecological global construction.

Alpha Unicorn is an innovative construction supervisory company based in Turkey, specializing in overseeing a wide array of construction projects. Our expertise spans ecological sustainability, including the implementation of solar energy solutions, and ensuring high-level security set-ups. 
Feature an arresting visual of a cutting-edge, eco-friendly building project in Antalya, complemented by the vibrant natural beauty of the region. We are committed to delivering properties in Antalya, Turkey, that are not just secure and serene, but also harmoniously integrated with nature.”

Services Overview


We supervise construction partners who provide premium solutions for our clients, jointly ensuring our projects conform to international standards.

Residential Buildings,
Corporate Offices,
Industrial Facilities


Our services prioritize sustainability, focusing on solar energy and green technologies to reduce environmental impact.

Renewable Energy Sources,
Sustainable Construction,
Energy Storage Solutions


Feeling safe and secure is becoming more and more important. We will design a complete security system unique to the client's specific needs.

Surveillance Systems,
Intrusion Detection,
Security Windows and Doors,
Privacy Enhancements


Green Energy
Villa Ramses 2-3
Villa Ramses 11